Licence Free Walkie Talkie Warranty Form

If you have purchased a two way radio from us and it is within the warranty time frame, then you may be able to claim against the warranty provided.

Warranty Process

  • Fill out a form below
  • If your warranty is valid, we will provide a return number and details of where to send the faulty item(s)
  • The warranty centre will confirm if the item(s) are faulty.
  • If it is, then a replacement will be sent back at no charge to you, as it’s a warranty replacement.
  • If the warranty centre have no stock, we will advise you of this and the ETA of new units, or if we have no ETA we would offer a warranty credit for the value you paid originally.
  • If the unit was purchased within the last 30 days, this would be an ‘out of box failure’ and we would send out a replacement unit (pending stock levels) on a swap it service, collecting the faulty unit at the same time as delivering the new one.