Motorola XT460 Walkie Talkie Quad Pack

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Key Features

  • Antimicrobial Protection Coating
  • Durable, Water-Resistant
  • LED Screen
  • IP55
  • Voice scrambling

Used For

  • Schools
  • Retail
  • Construction
  • Security
  • Manufacturing
  • Hospitality

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The Motorola XT460 quad pack is perfect for two managers or supervisors who need to monitor XT420 users, or people who like the convenience of a two-line LED display that is easy to read. It boasts four programmable buttons with instant access to certain features, plus it's rugged and durably constructed for clear audio, voice activation, user selectable PL codes and radio feature identification.

This device is also up to military strength specifications providing superior protection, and comes with a private programming cable and software for customisation options in hands-free mode if desired. The XT460 is great for industrial, retail or hospitality settings.

Motorola XT460 Quad Pack Uses

The Motorola XT460 two-way radio can be used in a variety of settings, such as:

  1. Schools: The XT460 quad pack offers staff and administrators an effective and speedy method of communication within the school's grounds. For instance, teachers can use it to remain in touch in the event of an emergency, while security personnel can utilise it for coordinating patrols.

  2. Retail: The XT460 quad pack allows store managers and employees to stay in contact with each other, boosting customer service and coordination. For instance, during a sale, the radios can be used to talk between staff members or call for support during a rush.

  3. Construction: The XT460 quad pack is beneficial for construction workers and site managers alike, as it facilitates communication and coordination. Its use can prove crucial for safety, for instance when conducting an inspection or requiring aid during a crisis.

  4. Security: With the XT460 quad pack, security personnel can stay in contact with one another, elevating safety and planning. For instance, they can use the radios on their patrols or request help swiftly in a crisis situation.

  5. Manufacturing: The XT460 quad pack is ideal for factory workers and managers, helping them to stay connected and coordinated. Moreover, it can be really useful during production runs or emergency situations, when in need of quick help.

  6. Hospitality: The XT460 quad pack offers hotel staff and managers a great solution for communication. It allows them to quickly coordinate activities in order to provide better service to their customers. Utilising the radios, they can easily remain in contact during busy periods or call for help in the event of an emergency.

Overall, the Motorola XT460 offers reliable communication, durability, and a range of advanced features that make it suitable for a variety of environments.

Motorola XT460 Feature Highlights

Built-in 1500mW Loudspeaker with Wind-Noise Reduction:

The Motorola XT460 has a powerful built-in speaker that provides clear audio even in noisy environments, and also has wind-noise reduction technology to reduce background noise and improve audio quality.

Continuous Coverage - up to 16250 m2, 13 Floors or 9km Line of Sight:

The Motorola XT460 has a wide coverage area, allowing users to communicate over large distances and through multiple floors of a building.

Ergonomic Design

The Motorola XT460 has an ergonomic design that is comfortable to hold and use, making it easy to operate even in demanding conditions.

Two Line, Tri-Coloured LED Display

The XT460 enables easy identification of its radio features and status through its bright tri-coloured LED.

Durable, Water-Resistant

The Motorola XT460 is built to withstand tough conditions and is water-resistant, making it ideal for use in outdoor or industrial environments.

Meets Military Standard 810 C, D, E, E and G plus IP55

The Motorola XT460 meets a variety of military standards for durability and resistance to extreme temperatures, humidity, shock, and vibration, as well as being dust tight and protected against water jets.

Antimicrobial Protection Coating

The Motorola XT460 has an antimicrobial coating that helps to protect against the growth of bacteria and other microorganisms.

8 Channels

The Motorola XT460 has 8 channels, allowing users to communicate on different frequencies and avoid interference from other radios.

Up to 16 Channel Alias', Selector knob

The Motorola XT460 can have up to 16 channel alias, making it easy to identify and switch between different channels.

VOX Capable With or Without Audio Accessories

The Motorola XT460 is capable of voice-operated transmission (VOX) with or without an accessory, allowing users to transmit hands-free.

Operates on PMR446 unlicensed frequencies

The Motorola XT460 operates on PMR446 unlicensed frequencies, which are open for public use without the need for a license.

9km Range

The Motorola XT460 has a range of up to 9km, allowing users to communicate over long distances.

219 Privacy codes

The Motorola XT460 has 219 privacy codes, allowing users to keep their communications private.

Voice Scrambling for Extra Privacy

The Motorola XT460 has voice scrambling feature for extra privacy, encrypting the audio for secure communication.

Voice Prompts & Channel Announcements

The Motorola XT460 has voice prompts and channel announcements, making it easy to operate and switch channels.

Web Browser Programmable

The Motorola XT460 can be programmed via a web browser, making it easy to configure and update the radio.

Easy cloning

The Motorola XT460 can be easily cloned, allowing multiple radios to be configured with the same settings.

USB CPS Interface

The Motorola XT460 has a USB CPS Interface, making it easy to connect to a computer for programming and firmware updates.

Seamless XTNi Series Transition:

The Motorola XT460 is compatible with other radios in the XTNi series, making it easy to transition to other models.

Motorola XT460 Summary

The Motorola XT460 display twin pack is a great choice for reliable and flexible walkie talkie communication. You'll be impressed with its advanced audio quality, user-selectable PL codes and commonly used functions like channel announcement, swivel belt clip and the ability to identify radio features. It also provides convenient access to programming and customisation options with its separate programming cable and compatible software. Moreover, it meets military specifications for durability giving you hands-free operation with an accessory mic. What's more - calls are free as it's licence-free!

In summary, the Motorola XT460 is a dependable and versatile walkie talkie that offers clear display and excellent communication, advanced voice activation, and user-selectable PL codes. It is designed to meet military specifications, ensuring exceptional durability, and it can be easily programmed and customized with the use of a separate programming cable and customer programming software. Additionally, the radio has commonly used functions such as channel announcement, swivel belt clip, and the ability to identify radio features. It also allows for hands-free operation with the use of an accessory mic and is licence-free for clear signal and communication.

The XT460 is a display walkie talkie, so if you need or want a radio without a display then with near identical features then the XT420 is the product to view.

Motorola XT460 Video

  • Built-in 1500mW Loudspeaker with Wind-Noise Reduction
  • Continuous Coverage - up to 16250 m2, 13 Floors or 9km Line of Sight
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Durable, Water-Resistant
  • Meets Military Standard 810 C, D, E, E and G plus IP55
  • Antimicrobial Protection
  • Tri-coloured LED screen, Two-line display
  • USB CPS Interface
  • 8 Channels
  •  VOX Capable With or Without Accessory
  • Operates on PMR446 unlicensed frequencies
  • 219 privacy codes
  • Voice Scrambling for Extra Privacy
  • Voice prompts & channel announcements
  • Web browser programmable
  • Easy cloning
  • Seamless XTNi Series transition
Model XT460
Part No. RMP0166BDLAA
EAN / UPC 5031753006396
Warranty 1 year
Frequency 446Mhz
Analogue Yes
Digital No
Tx Power 0.5 Watts
Bandwidth 12.5Khz
Manufacturer Designed for   
Business / Commercial Yes
Restaurants No
Retail No
Construction Yes
Security Yes
Manufacturing Yes
Distribution Yes
Schools Yes
ATEX certified No
Weatherproof Yes
Water resistant Yes
Waterproof No
IP Rating IP55
Military standard No
Channels and Privacy Codes 16 Channels and 219 privacy codes
Range ** Up to 9km
Display Visible Display
VOX/iVOX hands free Yes
Standby time / Talk time 20h
 Rechargeable Battery Type Li-ion
Disposable Battery Type None
USB Charging No
SOS button No
Vibrate function No
Voice encryption function Yes
Scan function Yes
Room monitoring No
Roger Beep Yes
Ringtones No
Flashlight No
Easy Pairing Yes
Low Battery Warning Yes
Keypad Lock Yes
Weight  244g (with battery)
Size 11.6 x 5.8 x 4.0 cm
Connector accessory Motorola 2 pin
  • 4 x Portable Radio with Display & Antenna
  • 4 x Battery
  • 4 x Carry Holster
  • 4 x Single Charger
  • 4 x Safety Manual
  • 4 x Quick Start Guide
  • 12 Months Warranty

There are a few reasons why the range of a walkie-talkie may not be as far as stated by the manufacturer. One reason could be interference from other electronic devices, such as cell phones or microwaves, which can disrupt the radio signal. Another reason could be physical obstructions, such as buildings or trees, which can block or weaken the signal. Additionally, the environment in which the walkie-talkie is used can also affect the range, such as using it in a mountainous or urban area. Finally, the quality of the walkie-talkie itself can also play a role, with higher quality devices generally having a greater range.

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