Motorola Walkie Talkie T42 Red - Twin Pack

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Key Features

  • PMR446 Band
  • Range: up to 4km
  • Personalisation Stickers
  • Scan/Monitor
  • Easy Pairing for Group Calls

Used for

  • Family
  • Picnics
  • Camping
  • Holidays
  • Beach



Introducing the Motorola T42 Walkie Talkie - your essential companion for family outings and leisure activities. This compact and robust device is designed for seamless wireless communication within a remarkable range of up to 4 kilometers, depending on terrain and conditions. Small and lightweight at just 79g (excluding batteries), the T42 is incredibly portable, making it the perfect device for outdoor adventures.

Equipped with a clear and easy-to-read LCD display, the T42 operates on the PMR446 band, offering a generous 16 channels. With a power capacity of 500mW, it delivers strong and clear signals, ensuring you stay connected wherever you are.

The T42 is not just about functionality, but also about convenience. Its Easy Pairing feature allows for hassle-free group calls, making it easier than ever to keep in touch with your family or friends. Additionally, the device is capable of scanning and monitoring, providing enhanced situational awareness. The T42 is designed to keep you updated with its range of alert tones. It features a call alert tone to signal incoming transmissions, keypad tones for ease of use, and a talk confirmation tone or "roger beep" to indicate the end of a transmission.

Powered by 3 AAA batteries (not included), the T42 offers an impressive 18-hour standard battery time, ensuring you stay connected for the duration of your outings. Plus, you'll never be caught off-guard with a low battery, thanks to its built-in low battery warning indicator.

Compact in size, measuring only 4.8cm x 13.6cm x 2.7cm, the Motorola T42 Walkie Talkie is not just a device; it's a reliable communication partner for your leisure time. Experience the blend of functionality, convenience, and robust design, all packed into one powerful device.

Motorola T42 Uses

The Motorola T42 two-way radio can be used for a variety of family activities such as picnics, camping, holidays and beach trips.

Family Picnics

The T42's compact and durable design makes it easy to carry and use while enjoying a family picnic in the park. Its long-range capabilities allow family members to stay in communication with one another while exploring different areas of the park.


The T42's water-resistant design make it a useful tool for communicating with family members while camping. Its long-lasting battery life allows it to be used throughout the day or night.


The T42's easy pairing feature allows multiple T42 radios to connect together, making it easy for family members to stay in communication while on holiday, whether they are exploring a theme park, city or beach.


The T42's long-range capabilities make it useful for communicating with family members while enjoying a day at the beach. Its long-lasting battery life allows it to be used throughout the day.

Overall, the T42 is a versatile device that can be used in a variety of settings, making it a useful tool for keeping family members in communication while enjoying various activities together.

Motorola T42 Feature Highlights

The Motorola T42 is a consumer walkie-talkie, which means it is designed for personal and leisure use, rather than for commercial or professional use. Some of the features that make it a consumer-oriented device include:

PMR446 band

It operates on the PMR446 frequency band, which is a license-free band that is commonly used for personal and leisure use in Europe. This allows users to communicate wirelessly without the need for a license.


It has personalization stickers that can be applied to the device, allowing users to personalize and customize their radios.


The T42 has a range of up to 4km, depending on terrain and conditions, which is suitable for most personal and leisure activities.

Easy to use

The T42 is designed to be user-friendly with simple controls, making it easy for anyone to use.

Durable design

It is built to withstand rough handling and outdoor activities, it is water-resistant and has a built-in flashlight, making it suitable for use in a variety of settings.

Group communication

The T42's easy pairing feature allows multiple T42 radios to connect together, making it easy for family members or friends to stay in communication while enjoying various activities together.

Overall, the T42 is a versatile and reliable device that is well-suited for personal and leisure use, making it a popular choice among consumers.

Motorola T42 Video

  • Small & Light
  • LCD Display
  • PMR446 Band
  • Power: 500mW
  • Range: up to 4km
  • 16 Channels
  • Scan/Monitor
  • Easy Pairing for Group Calls
  • Weight: 79g (excl batteries)
  • Size: 4.8 x 13.6 x 2.7 cm
  • Call Alert Tone
  • Keypad Tones
  • Talk Confirmation Tone/Roger Beep
  • 18 hour standard battery time using 3xAAA Batteries (not included)
  • Low Battery Warning Indicator
Model Talkabout T42
Part No. B4P00811RDKMAW
EAN 5031753007492
Warranty 1 year
Frequency 446Mhz
Analogue Yes
Digital No
Tx Power 0.5 Watts
Bandwidth 12.5Khz
Manufacturer Designed for   
Leisure Yes
Family Yes
Picnic Yes
Holidays Yes
Beach Yes
Camping Yes
Festivals No
Car Trips No
Hiking No
Biking No
Climbing No
Skiing No
Snowboarding No
Sailing No
Jet Skiing No
Fishing No
ATEX certified No
Weatherproof No
Water resistant No
Waterproof No
IP Rating No
Military standard No
Channels and Privacy Codes 16 Channels
Range ** Up to 4km
Display Visible Display
VOX/iVOX hands free No
Standby time / Talk time 18h
 Rechargeable Battery Type Alkaline
Disposable Battery Type AAA
USB Charging No
SOS button No
Vibrate function Yes
Voice encryption function No
Scan function Yes
Room monitoring No
Roger Beep Yes
Ringtones No
Flashlight No
Easy Pairing Yes
Low Battery Warning Yes
Keypad Lock Yes
Weight  79 grams (without Battery)
Size 4.8 x 13.6 x 2.7 cm
Connector accessory None
  • Twin Pack of T42 Radios - Red
  • Belt Clips x2
  • Personalisation Stickers
  • Instruction Manual
  • Boxed packaging
  • 12 Months Warranty

There are a few reasons why the range of a walkie-talkie may not be as far as stated by the manufacturer. One reason could be interference from other electronic devices, such as cell phones or microwaves, which can disrupt the radio signal. Another reason could be physical obstructions, such as buildings or trees, which can block or weaken the signal. Additionally, the environment in which the walkie-talkie is used can also affect the range, such as using it in a mountainous or urban area. Finally, the quality of the walkie-talkie itself can also play a role, with higher quality devices generally having a greater range.

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