Radio Earpieces for Motorola and Kenwood Walkie-Talkies

These non-branded radio earpieces are designed specifically for Motorola or Kenwood walkie talkies, to allow users to hear important messages clearly and concisely, especially in noisy environments.

In addition a radio earpiece can be used for confidentiality. If your walkie talkie hasn’t got an earpiece connected the radio audio comes out of the walkie talkie's loudspeaker which could be heard by people standing in close proximity.

Should you be using walkie talkie at a public event in the capacity as a security guard, for example, you typically do not want the radio messages to be heard by the general public. Using good quality radio earpieces on your Motorola or Kenwood walkie talkies provides confidential communications between staff.

These high-quality CE Approved radio earpieces for licence free Motorola walkie talkies and licence free Kenwood walkie talkies. Our earpieces consist of D-Shell, G-shaped, C-Shaped, and Accountsic tube covert configurations.

Radio Earpiece Product Links

Motorola TLKR Series Single Pin Earpieces

Motorola CLP and CLK Single Pin Earpiece

Motorola XT400 Series Two Pin Earpieces

Kenwood TK Series Two Pin Earpieces

Radio Earpiece Selection

Motorola and Kenwood walkie talkies require different connections to the radios based on the model or series.
Each earpiece has an in-line microphone and PTT (Push to Talk) button for ease and speed of communication.

When choosing an earpiece on our website, simply select the brand and model series from the menu drop down and choose the desired earpiece configuration.

Choosing the Right Earpiece

It is worth noting that not everyone will like the same type of radio earpiece. An ear can be a sensitive part of the human body for some people, so if you are a company buyer or someone purchasing for a group of friends, it is worth considering / discussing the use of earpieces with them first to ensure you purchase the most suitable earpieces for them.

Of course on occasions, the end user will not be able to choose the type of earpiece they would like due to the nature of their job role, but you can rest assured that our products offer a soft, skin friendly ear hook material.

Radio Earpiece Hygiene

We do not recommend sharing radio earpiece products, due to the obvious hygiene concerns that sharing would raise. This is also why we do not accept returns of our earpieces unless they have not been used and are in the original packaging.

For over the ear products such as the D, C and G shaped earpieces, each user can maintain the earpiece by using a gentle cleaner, like soap and warm water or use a gentle cloth with just a small amount of the soap mixture.

For the covert, surveillance earpieces, you can purchase additional clear coiled voice tube kits to replace the ones that come with the radio earpiece.

Should you wish to save money by sharing covert earpieces than we would recommend that each user has their own clear coiled voice tube kits to maintain user hygiene.

CE Approval

All of the radio earpieces are CE Approved