Motorola T82 Extreme Questions

We will try and answer some of the most common questions relating to the Motorola T82 Extreme Walkie Talkie. Whether you're a seasoned radio user or new to two-way communication, we'll explore the package contents, including accessories and personalisation options, along with frequency details and channel activation instructions. Additionally, we'll cover important aspects such as turning off the radio, compatibility with other brands, and identifying scan mode. By the end of this guide, you'll have a solid understanding of the Motorola T82 Extreme Walkie Talkie and be ready to make the most of its capabilities.

  • How many personalization stickers are included in each pack?

    There are 16 stickers in a twin pack and 32 stickers in a quad pack

  • How can I personalize my T82 extreme Walkie Talkie using the blank stickers?

    You can personalize your radio using the blank stickers by using a permanent marker to write on them.

  • What frequencies are available on channels 1 to 8 of the Motorola T82 Extreme?

    Channels 1 to 8 have frequencies ranging from 446.00625 MHz to 446.13125 MHz.

  • How do I activate channels 9 to 16 on my T82 EXTREME radio?

    To activate channels 9 to 16, refer to page 3 of the manual for a chart showing channel frequencies. Press and hold down the menu button until you hear a beep, then use the plus or minus buttons to select your desired channel.

  • What is an RSM?

    RSM stands for Remote Speaker Microphone, which is an accessory that allows you to communicate hands-free with your two-way radio.

  • What is a carry case used for?

    A carry case is used to protect your two-way radio during transport or storage.

  • Can I use my T82 EXTREME radio with other brands of two-way radios?

    While it is possible to communicate with other brands of two-way radios on the same frequency and channel, it is recommended to use radios from the same brand for optimal performance.

  • How do I know if my T82 EXTREME walkie talkie is in scan mode?

    When your radio is in scan mode, a small "S" icon will appear on the display. You can also hear a beep tone when your radio stops scanning on an active channel.

  • How do I turn off my T82 EXTREME radio?

    To turn off your radio, press and hold the power button until the display turns off.


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